Know your role with your Lady.

Cordell Davenport

In marriage, it is all about playing a role.  Men and women complement one another.  We have different roles.  Each role is important.  For example, what would a Surgeon be without an Anesthesiologist?  What would Batman be without Robin?  You play a role.  Your wife plays a role. 

As the husbands in our family, we are the captain of the ship and we determine which direction the boat is going.  We set the tone.  At times we need to be a lion and at times we need to be a teddy bear.   You have to be the protector, the provider, the iron, the soft pillow.  As you know women have a lot more requirements than us.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy.   Give us some beer and turn on ESPN and we are good to go!

I once went to a business seminar in Silicon Valley, by Keith Cunningham. In the teaching, he went on to talk about his first marriage and then went on to talk about his new marriage (his wife was in attendance).  He went on to talk about their very first date.  As he spoke she blushed the whole time.  He said, that while eating dinner at a restaurant, the topic came about where the discussion was about what are each other needs and expectations in a potential marriage.  He said, she had this list of items she felt she needed.  When it came to Keith’s turn, he said, “I will give you all those things, if you just do this one thing towards me….treat me as your Hero.”  I told myself, “wow that was simple, but deep and very true!” 


For example here is something I found that I totally never new. 

According, to Dr. James Dobson (, research among women on the source of depression. He conducted a survey and here were the possible answers from the survey:







Absence of romantic love in my marriage.





In-law conflict.





Low self-esteem.





Problems with the children.





Financial difficulties.





Loneliness, isolation, and boredom.





Sexual problems in marriage.





Menstrual and physiological problems.





Fatigue and time pressure.









Stop and think about what you think, the top answer was.  Don’t cheat and read below.  Really, try to think what the number answer was, then go ahead and continue reading. 

Believe it or not, low self-esteem was indicated as the most troubling problem by the majority of the women completing the questionnaire. More than 50 percent of the group marked this item above every other alternative on the list, and 80 percent placed it in the top five.  Why does this matter?  Because, your wife depends on you to feel beautiful, sexy, important, needed and intelligent.  

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