Men think women feel.

Cordell Davenport

Think about that statement…”men think and women feel.” How would you describe that?  Have you ever wondered about “women’s intuition?” 

According to There was an article by Ron Riggio Ph.D. titled:

Women’s Intuition: Myth or Realty?

There is a much more logical, and research-based answer. Research on nonverbal communication skill has clearly shown that women are, as a group, better at reading facial expressions of emotions than are men. As a result, women are more likely to pick up on the subtle emotional messages being sent by others.

Women are also better at expressing emotions through their facial expressions, tone of voice, and body, particularly positive emotions. Men are better at controlling felt emotions and at hiding emotions behind a "poker face." There is also evidence that women are seen as more empathic than men, and that they are more likely to see themselves as empathic. In other words, women tend to be more "open" to others' emotional messages. This may add to the perception that women have some special ability to intuit what others are feeling or thinking.”



Because men think and women feel, to truly “get women” we have to understand their emotional makeup.  It is hard for men to understand because we are totally different. 

  • Husband’s want to know the overview to a story if we ask our wife. 
  • Wife’s want to give all the details about the story if we ask. 
  • We say “in general tell me what happen,” She actually feels, tell me exactly word for word what happened. 


Here is the bottom line, women come from an emotional point of view.  We think it makes sense coming from a logical point of view.


Show empathy and compassion and validate her feelings.  You don’t have to agree, but try to understand where she is coming from.  Try to understand what she is feeling.  She wants to be reminded on her own strengths.


She wants to give her lots of praise and compliments.  She wants you to notice her.  She is an addict for your approval.  Give compliments on the food she made, what she is wearing, her hair, how good she smells.  Notice your wife, by verbalizing it to her.  If she ask you how does she look, how was dinner, she is thinking you don’t, that is why she asks.  Compliment her every day on what she has done, who she is, or her physical appearance.

A popular song by Fran Sinatra, said, "I am in the mood for love simply because you are near me." For your wife, that song would really say, “I am in the mood for love because you are there for me emotionally and romance me.”

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