Women enjoy conversations

Cordell Davenport

Have you ever noticed how if you go to a gathering with other couples, where do the men go and where do the women go?  Women all sit around with no TV, no radio and sit and talk and talk.  As you know with us men, we go find the TV turn on ESPN and talk with the fellas over beer.  You ever noticed how your wife can stay on the phone for a long time with her friends, but when you and I talk to our friends on the phone, it is for a max of 10 minutes?  You see communication is vital. 

Your wife, talks to connect to you. When she is sharing her thoughts and feelings it makes her feel as one with you because she is sharing her feelings with you.  This is essential to her.  Understand how she is feeling what she is thinking by talking to her. She is like a garden; if you don’t cultivate her all you get are weeds.

Communicating is not just verbal, but it includes your body language and tone of voice.  It is not what you say it is how you say it.  When your wife communicates to you, you have to do our best to respect her ideas and feelings although they can seem trivial.  She needs to have quality time with you everyday.  You have to participate in the conversation.  

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