What is confidence

Cordell Davenport

Worldnet dictionary defines self-confidence as "Freedom from doubt, belief in yourself

and your abilities."  It is a myth that confidence is the opposite of humility.  Confidence

is an opinion you have of yourself.   The thing about confidence is that you can actually

get it by what others think/feel about you.  Confidence affects how you see yourself, the

belief you have about your ability and character.  Self-confidence is an opinion you have of yourself. When you approach something with doubt and fear, that is exactly what you create...doubt and fear. 


  • Confidence affects how you see yourself and your assumptions.
  • Confidence is your view of yourself and your belief in your ability.
  • Confidence comes from focusing on your strengths.
  • Confidence is affected by your clothes.
  • Confidence determines your beliefs.



“My parents instilled a sense of pride and confidence in me…I never even

thought of losing. In high school, I boasted weekly — if not daily — that one day I

was going to be the heavyweight champion of the world.


As part of my boxing training, I would run down Fourth Street in downtown

Louisville, darting in and out of local shops, taking just enough time to tell them

I was training for the Olympics and I was going to win a gold medal. And when

I came back home, I was going to turn pro and become the world heavyweight

champion in boxing.


I never thought of the possibility of failing — only of the fame and glory I was

going to get when I won. I could see it. I could almost feel it. When I proclaimed

that I was the "Greatest of All Time," I believed in myself. And I still do.”’


Mohammed Ali

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