Switch Your Thoughts

Cordell Davenport

Notice, how the change of words and thoughts are transformed with what you say to yourself.   

  • I have to stop procrastinating. I can and will stop procrastinating!


  • I am trying to lose weight. I feel good because I am in the process of losing weight!


  • I am too tired to do it. I have plenty of energy and I feel great!


  • This is a waste of my time. If I am patient, I could learn from this experience!


  • I don't feel like doing this. All I need to do is get started and then it will be easy!


  • I will never get this done.   If I budget my time and stay on track I can finish!


  • Why can't I ever catch a break? Everything happens on time and in time!


When you change self-talk from negative to positive, you change the signals you send to your brain.  This transforms your feelings, which causes your brain to issue more effective commands to the body. 


When you use negative self-talk, you may assume that it is saying facts, when they are actually perceptions.  If you'll notice self-talk as it happens, you may uncover how much it is correct or incorrect.

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