A Belief Does Not Need To Be True To Be Considered A Belief. Believe It & It Is True To You!

Cordell Davenport

Have you ever wondered how you came to be who you are?  Why you think the way you do?  Why you act the way you act?  The answer is your beliefs.  Your beliefs are the cement that holds your entire personality together.    Beliefs can create or destroy possibilities in your life.   In life you don’t get what you want.  You get who you are.  Who you are is what you believe!


I enjoy watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.  I am very intrigued about learning people’s culture.  At times, what I see seems so outrageous and sometimes even stupid.  But I can’t really knock other people’s way of life, because that is the way the things are for them.  That is all they know.  Their faith, beliefs, tradition, culture and religion have an influence on what they do and how they live.   


Here is a recap of some beliefs I have seen on the show called “Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel (

Somewhere in Africa girls proudly undergo a painful three-hour tattooing ritual, believing this will turn them into a beautiful woman who is now ready for marriage.  The tattoo covers the girl's entire face. On her temple is put an image of an eye, “so that she can keep watch of her husband even if he is behind her.” On her forehead, an image of a hair pick symbolizes beauty and is believed to let her look directly at husband.  The letter “X” symbolizes union with her future husband and images of cow tracks are also added to her cheeks. 


In Thailand, women of the Kayan people stretch their necks with brass coils, believing this makes them more beautiful.  Traditionally they will only take the rings off during childbirth or if they commit adultery.  To see what the people look like with neck rings on, Google “Neck Rings.” 


In Arizona, patients of an alternative healer believe that if you drink your own urine, it will heal you.  He says, “Drinking your own urine boosts your immune system…it cures sore throats, colds, and flu.”  He also stated that he starts each day with a glass of fresh urine.”


“Disbelief is a negative power.  When the mind disbelieves or doubts, the mind attracts “reasons” to support the disbelief.”  ~David Schwartz


One 5,000-year-old Chinese medicine belief is that eating "penis meat” will increase sexual performance. Here is a direct quote from the clip of the show, “The Chinese have an old saying that whatever part of the animal you eat, the same part of your body will make you stronger.  So the penis meat will make you stronger in sex.”  The famous dish, “Penis Hot Pot,” features the testicles of 6 different animals.  A dish of seal penis costs $500.   


For me, born and raised in Oakland, California, these beliefs seem way out, compared to my beliefs which don't let me see myself doing that.  But if I was born and raised in China, my outlook would be different.  I would think eating penis meat is normal and healthy because of my environment.  I simply would not know anything different. 


Ironically, my favorite food is Chinese. But I'll skip the penis meat. 

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