Cordell Davenport

Some people’s main objective in life is to make money and more money. Such ongoing striving for more and more money will drive you and your relationships with your family into the ground. My advice is to not love money, but to love what money can do for you. Make money your servant. Not your master. Here are some things to think about concerning about money. Money will buy:

• A house but not a home

• Food but not an appetite

• A bed but not sleep

• Medicine but not health Companions but not friends

• Knowledge but not wisdom. There are a number of common reasons why many people have financial problems:

• They don’t take responsibility to learn how to handle money (either by reading books or going to seminars).

• They associate negative feelings with having money.

• They don’t budget.

• They never develop a strategy for building wealth.

• They rely too much on advisors.

• They never make having money a must.

• They get comfortable and live for the moment.

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