Don't talk about about it!

Cordell Davenport

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Les Brown, the best motivational speaker ever, tells
this story:
A woman was walking past a house and saw an elderly
man sitting on a porch. Near him, a dog was moaning
as if it was in pain.
The next day, she walked past the house again. She saw
the same elderly man, same dog making the same pained
sound. On the third day, she saw the same scene and she just
couldn’t stand it any more. “Excuse me,” she asked the man,
“Why does the dog keep moaning as if he is in great pain?”
“Oh, him, he is lying on a nail,” said the man.
Confused, the woman asked, “If he is lying on a nail and
it hurts, why doesn’t he just get up?”
The little old man smiled and said sweetly, “Well. honey,
it hurts just enough for him to moan about it, but not enough
for him to move yet.”
However far-fetched this story sounds, I bet you know
plenty of people who spend a lot of time complaining
about something but do nothing to change the situation. Don't be like a man that has an action orientated demeanor. Don't talk about about it!

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