What type of person are you?

Cordell Davenport

In life there are three types of people:
1. The people who MAKE good things happen to
2. The people who WATCH good things happen
to others.
3. The people who say, “HEY, WHAT HAPPENED?”

People under category “1” make things happen by
being proactive. They are go-getters. Movers and shakers.
They don’t let time go by without doing something productive.
They don’t need to be told always what to do. They
have a clear picture of where they are headed and are confident
they will make it. They put on the “boots and gloves”
and get to work!

People under category “2” watch things happen because
they don’t have their mind set for improvement.
Maybe they dream of what they really want in life, but they
have not set their brain buttons for confidence or ambition;
they settle for less; or they are lazy.

People under category “3” wonder what happened
because they are clueless and don’t take any initiative.
When they find out what has happened, they next wonder,
“how did they do it?”

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