You are what you are what you think!

Cordell Davenport

Just like you are what you eat, you are what you think.  We are usually not aware of the automatic negative self-talk that goes in our heads.   By learning how to recognize what is going on, you can alter negative self-talk, to positive self-talk. Here are some common automatic negative self-talk phrases you may have told yourself or heard other say that limit a person...


When you have an optimal thinking mentality you :

  • Are selective, remembering mainly the positive events in the past.
  • Focus on the present.
  • See the future in terms of what can be done instead of what can't happen.
  • See challenges as problems to be solved.
  • View setbacks as temporary.
  • See good outcomes arrived because of their effort.

Naturally, those that are pessimistic are the opposite of optimistic people.  You get what you expect and, having negative self-talk, you will get negative results.  On the flip side if you expect positive things, you will get positive results.  It does not matter if you actually fail, because if you are positive, you will have the self-talk of, “Mistakes aren't failures. They're opportunities to gain wisdom.”

According to Author W. Clement Stone, “There is very little difference in people. But that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is attitude.  The big difference is whether it’s positive or negative. “

What is the most important tool we have to work with?  Cell phone?  Computer?  Car? No it is our mind!  Productive performance begins in your head.  Your thinking is the main productivity tool it is the most important performance factor.  I want you to control the life shaping power of your thoughts by:

  • Perceiving which  thoughts are of benefit to you
  • Applying good reasoning with how you think
  • Remembering times when having an optimal thinking mentality has created confidence in your life
  • Creating end result of your wants but realize it starts with how you think
  • Imagining you have what you want before you have it

According to David Stoop, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Author, “Make a conscious choice to change your attitude, your behavior, and yourself Talk. Decide to change and keep on making that choice.”

It is all about managing your mind.  Doing this can help you overcome an adversity or take advantage of an opportunity.   I am going to tell you 3 quotes, take time to really reflect on them they will guide your life.

  1. “Your thoughts make your character.”
  2. “Your life is parallel to the thoughts you have.”
  3. “You are what you think about most of the time.”

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