Don't Listen To Haters

Cordell Davenport

I am a big fan of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors of Chicken Soup for The Soul—101 Stories That Inspire the Heart. This book is amazing. I highly suggest you buy your own copy ASAP! Do you know I only paid $1.50 for this book at a used book store? One of my favorite experiences in the book is called Follow Your Dream. Here is a summary: A high school kid named Monty who was fascinated with horses wrote a paper in high school outlining his dream of owning a horse ranch. He wrote small and large details, even a diagram of the 20- acre ranch and the house he would live in on the property. The teacher gave him an F, saying, “This is an unrealistic dream for a young boy like you. You have no money. You have no resources. There’s no way you could ever do it…if you will rewrite this paper with a more realistic goal, I will reconsider your grade.” The boy went home thought about it and asked his dad what to do. His dad recommended that he make his own choice. After a week, Monty turned the same paper, unchanged, and told his teacher, “You can keep the F and I’ll keep my dream!” Years later he got exactly what was in his paper. Once the teacher came to his ranch to go camping for a week. When he was leaving, the teacher admitted, “Look, Monty, I can tell you this now. When I was your teacher, I was something of a dream stealer. During those years I stole a lot of kids’ dreams. Fortunately, you had enough gumption not to give up on yours.”

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