Create Your Future Today

Cordell Davenport

A lot of people would like to have this, get that, become this type of person, have these good qualities as a person, look a certain way etc.  Although they may know what they have to do to achieve certain goals, they have the excusitis syndrome.  They say,  “Someday I’ll, someday I’ll  get this , someday I’ll whatever.”  Here is the truth, the road of someday will lead to the house of nowhere.

Former President John F. Kennedy, made a quote that puts things in perspective and makes total sense, he said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."   The way you prepare for the future is to create it now!   

Do this by controlling:

  1. Your thoughts.
  2. Disciplines you choose to keep.
  3. The people you associate with.

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