Confident Gentlemen Strategy #1 The instantshift

Cordell Davenport

One of the major steps in gaining more confidence is being aware of when you are lacking confidence.  The reason for this is that you have to be aware of something before you can change it.  When you are aware that you are not being confident, you can change it.  As you become conscious of what your mental process is with respect to confidence, pay particular attention to your internal voice.  If you have a limiting, negative voice nagging at you, shoot it dead!

While you are paying attention to your internal voice, notice what sorts of images are inside your mind.  What you hear and see internally impacts how you feel, and the way you feel either frees you to take action or holds you back.  

If you want confident feelings you have to see and hear confident things.  You are in control of your own mental thoughts.  Here are some things you can do to change:

  1. Interrupt the process.  Imagine a police officer springing up inside your mind, holding a red stop sign.  Imagine that he shouts out in an authoritative tone as loud as he can, ‘stop!” When you hold this image in your mind, you will find yourself immediately stopping the process of feeling that you lack confidence.
  2. Shift Your State.  Once you stop the process, you can change directions and go in any direction you want.  You should immediately shift your physical state to one that exudes confidence.  Employ excellent physiology and posture, head up, shoulders back, put that smile on your face and feel good.  If your body is in a state of confidence it is easy for you to mentally follow.  

Recap on instantshift

  1. recognize how you display a lack of confidence
  2. interrupt that process of thinking
  3. think and believe you are confident
  4. Let your body follow your mind on your confident thoughts

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