Confident Gentlemen Strategy #2 Rehearse Confidence

Cordell Davenport

Confident Gentlemen Strategy #2 Rehearse Confidence

Once you interrupt a negative mental process, you can then consciously choose the emotional state you want to experience.  You won’t be merely acting out of habit, you will be acting out of a conscious choice, and that is very powerful.  With this technique, you can program yourself, to have unstoppable confidence whenever you need it.  

The key is that what you rehearse is what you get.   Just like being on a basketball team during practice you go hard because how you practice is most likely how you will play in the game.  By rehearsing confidence in your mind, you will have it when you need it.

For you to have unstoppable confidence, you need to mentally rehearse it in the present  This means we are going to visualize what we desire, that is confidence baby.  I want you to watch how you walk, talk and move...let it be all about confidence.  

If it is difficult to do this at first, don’t worry.  Visualizing is a skill like any other.  Let me go back to basketball.  I can not count how many times when I practiced by myself, thinking, visualizing I was in the game, with the ball in my hands with 5 seconds left and then practice making a move to score over and over, or...pretending that I was on the free throw line….and the gave was tied up with 1 second to go and how I could win the game if I scored.  Here is the funny thing about it...with basketball….sports in general….during practice a player visualizes that it is game time….and during the game time when the pressure is on, the player will just tell themselves “this is easy it is just like practice.”  You see it is a cycle. That is why I am so much an advocate of learning principles from sports to apply in life and business.  

If you don't have confidence fake it until you make it.  Pretend it is easy.  With enough visualizing and pretending,  you will forget you are pretending and get all wrapped up in confidence.  Think about actors how they play a role.  They are not the person they are portraying but it is so hard to tell by looking how they perform on screen.  The actors put themselves in the shoes who they are portraying.  

By looking at the mental image of your confident self, you will feel confident.  Your unconscious mind does not understand the difference between a scenario that is genuinely real and a scenario that is vividly imagined.  For that reason, vividly imaging confidence in your future means you are literally programming yourself to have that confidence when you need it.  

Set a trigger for the confidence that you have rehearsed:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Watch yourself on your mental movie screen being confident.
  3. Enhance the visual and sound qualities of the movie.
  4. Jump into your on screen body and see through your own eyes, hear what you hear and feel confidence inside you.
  5. Hold your thumb and index finger together as you experience confidence.
  6. The more you feel confident, the harder you press your thumb and index finger.
  7. After 5 seconds, separate your thumb and index finger and open your eyes.
  8. Repeat the first seven steps but watch a different confident scenario.

When you do this you will have programmed your mind to respond to the feeling of your thumb and index finger as a confidence trigger.  Now that you have rehearsed it, whenever you need confidence you can just close your eyes and press your thumb and index finger together long enough to let the feeling you have triggered come flooding through you.  

Recap on Rehearsing Confidence:

  1. Focus on an image of you acting confidently, as on a movie screen.
  2. Listen to yourself speaking confidently.
  3. View the picture in a close up and turn up the volume.
  4. Feel the confidence that you project on screen.

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