Confident Gentlemen Strategy #5 Circle of Confidence.

Cordell Davenport

Confident Gentlemen Strategy #5 Circle of Confidence.

Instead of anchoring something to a location on your body or to an internal stimulus, the technique anchors confidence to a spot on the ground.  In doing so, you will physically step into unstoppable confidence whenever you need it.  In the past you have been confident.  Guess what in the future you will be confident again.  The key is to be able to summon that feeling at will.  This technique allows you to invoke a state of confidence whenever you want.

To form your circle of confidence, imagine a circular location on the floor.  Before you step into the circle, notice its exact dimensions and picture it either with colors or transparent.  When you physically step into the circle, you will move back in time to a moment in which you had complete confidence.    

Pick an experience of ultimate confidence.  While you are standing in your circle, fully relieve that instance of confidence.  See what you saw at the time, hear what you heard and allow yourself to feel the unstoppable confidence of that experience.  Inside the circle and feeling confident, adjust your body language to match your confident state.  Keep this confident state with you as you walk around the outside the circle.  

If you have enough confidence to meet your outcome, you are done with this exercise.  If you need more go back into your circle and relive a different equally powerful confident experience.  Continue stacking up our confidence until you have all you need.

Regardless of wherever you are, you can use circle of confidence to instantly gain more confidence exaggerate your strong, powerful physiology as you train your body how to stand and move.  Pretty soon, you will find yourself naturally standing confidently as a habit.  

Recap Circle of Confidence

  1. Imagine a circle on the ground.
  2. Remember a situation where you felt confident.
  3. Relive that experience as you step into the circle.
  4. Adopt a confident posture.
  5. Step outside the circle and continue to walk and act confidently.

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