Confident Gentlemen Strategy #7 Future Success Now

Cordell Davenport

Confident Gentlemen Strategy #7 Future Success Now

If you were to taste your future success and feel what it would be like to achieve your goals now, wouldn’t you feel tremendously more motivated to go for it right now?  This “future success now” technique does exactly that.  It brings all the future feelings of success into your heart, mind, and should right now.  You will experience such an overwhelming sense of success that you will surrender to your passion and go for it.  Any fears you might have had may still be present, but with the desire for success dominating all other emotions, you will feel the need to take action and fulfill your goals.

In this exercise, the outcome you will want to set is to increase your confidence.  This means saying, either aloud or inside your mind, “I am doing this exercise to increase my confidence and feel more passion, which will naturally cause me to go after all my goals and make my dreams a reality.”’ Are you ready to feel your future success?

Close your eyes and picture your mental movie screen.  See yourself at the point where you are about to reach the pinnacle of your success.  While you're watching yourself, make sure that you see yourself in color on a big, bright and close up picture.  Fill your mind with stereo surround sound and turn the volume up all the way.  Just before you reach the pivotal point where all your success is yours, stop the movie you’re watching.  Ask yourself some question to clarify why exactly you are going after this success.  What is important to you about this success?  What’s important to you about getting this pleasure?  what’s important to you about that?  Ultimately, what does having this success do for you?  

Now restart the movie and witness yourself achieving your goal and getting all the massive success and pleasure you deserve that comes with it.  Right as you see yourself on your mental screen fulfilling your goal and experiencing that wonderful feeling of victory, jump into your on screen body.  See through your own eyes as if you are there now, because in your mind you are.

Hear the sounds of success.  Feel what success i like in every fiber of your being.  As the moment comes to a climax, I want you to take all these wonderful feelings and wrap them up.  Take those unlimited feelings with you as you jump out of the mental screen back into your physical body, allowing all of those magnificent feelings to ebb and flow.  

You have just smelled the sweet scent of your future success.  You have tasted the victory.  You realize that glory is yours for the taking.  It’s up to you to take action now and claim what is rightfully yours.  As you complete this exercise, write down five immediate actions you will take that will bring you one step closer to achieving that success that you deserve.  

Recap Future Success Now:

  1. On your mental screen play a movie of you succeeding massively.
  2. Just as the point when you are about to get to peak of your success in the movie, temporarily hit pause.
  3. Ask yourself, “What’s important about this success? What will having this success do?”
  4. Jump into the movie as you begin playing it again.  Soak up the unlimited, massive success you know you deserve.
  5. When the movie is done, take all of these wonderful feelings back with you and open your eyes.
  6. Write down 5 immediate actions you will take that will bring you 1 step closer to achieving your goals.

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