Confident Gentlemen Strategy #8 Put Your Life In Perspective

Cordell Davenport

Confident Gentlemen Strategy #8 Put Your Life In Perspective

Consider whatever appears overwhelming to you now.  By the end of the exercise, you will think about it completely differently and have much more confidence about what you’re going to do.

Picture a line representing your lifetime.  Your past is off to the left, your present is in the center and your future is off to the right.  Now place whatever is bothering you on the timeline and visualize it as a small dot.  In your mind, take a step back so you can see a larger portion of your entire timeline instead of just the present.  Notice how this puts that minor nuisance into a different perspective?  Now mentally step back even further to notice all of your past and all your future at once, and recognize just how small and insignificant this dot representing your current problem is.

When you keep things in perspective, it’s really difficult to waste value time and energy on trivial things.  The trouble begins when people do not keep the big picture in sight and magnify some issue to be larger than it really is.

Recap Put Your Life In Perspective:

  1. Visualize your life as a timeline.
  2. Picture whatever is overwhelming you as a point on that timeline.
  3. Mentally step back to see that dot in perspective.  

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