Confident Gentlemen Strategy #9 Avoid The Future You Don’t Want.

Cordell Davenport

Confident Gentlemen Strategy #9 Avoid The Future You Don’t Want.

People are motivated either by moving toward pleasure or by moving away from pain.  If we were bunny rabbits, it would be the equivalent of us moving toward carrots or away from a predator.  This next technique will work best for people who run away from the predators, so to speak, because it amplifies the pain of not going after your dreams to the point where it will seem easier to just do it.

To do this exercise, visualize the timeline from Strategy #8.  Close your eyes and imagine floating above the timeline, drifting forward far into your future.  Continue floating forward in time until you get to the point when you are older and most of your opportunities have passed you by.  As you get to that point, see yourself on your mental movie screen walking around and feeling miserable.  In doing this, you will might realize that you are looking at a person who has lived a life unfilled.  

Tune into the sounds that are coming from that older person who had so much potential, yet somehow failed to take action and life his or her dreams.  Just as the feeling of disappointment rises to an extreme and your future self appears to realize that his or her life has not been invested wisely just right into that older person's body and see what that experience is like.  Feel how awful it is to lead a life unfilled.  

It is really quite tragic, isn’t it?  When you fully experience that feeling of deep regret-all the pain, disappointment and frustration that you will feel if you don't go after your dreams by immediately taking action  jump back into your physical body.  If you don’t take action now to go after your dreams, that is how you will feel when you get older.  Since you experienced the pain that will happen if you don’t go after it right now, are you aware of how much more motivated you are to avoid that feeling and live your dreams?

If you hesitate in the future, call up that horrible feeling from this experience and allow that to propel you to take action.  To break out of the negative state of mind induced by this exercise use one of the previous visualization techniques to see the wonderful future you will have when you use your confidence resources to ge the future you want!

Recap Avoid the Future You Don’t Want

  1. Visualize the timeline from Strategy #8 Which was put your life into perspective
  2. See yourself further down the timeline, with most of your opportunities passed over.
  3. Imagine your response, physically, audibly, emotionally, to an unfulfilled life.  
  4. Come back to your present self, and summon those feelings of disappointment and rage when you need motivation.

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