Cordell Davenport

Event + Response = Outcome
Stated succinctly, every outcome we experience in life is a direct result of how we respond to an individual event that occurs.
Sometimes that event is an unexpected opportunity that shows up. Other times, it’s a crisis we didn’t see coming. But in any case, it’s just the way things are—the existential reality of our life.
So how can we create the best possible outcome in relation to an event we have no control over? By taking responsibility and changing the way we respond to that event. Take a look at these two examples:
Event: You are given a $1,000 bonus.
Response: You spend it on a weekend trip.
Outcome: You are broke.
Event: You are given a $1,000 bonus.
Response: You invest it in your mutual fund.
Outcome: You have an increased net worth.
Can you see how your response — and your response alone — can significantly improve your life, or alternatively, keep you exactly where you are today?
Successful people know that how they respond can mean the difference between advancement and riches — or regret about what could have been. In fact, one of the greatest differences between successful people and those who would merely like to be, is how they respond to the opportunities in their life.

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