Laser Focus

Cordell Davenport

Laser Focus Will Help You Become Successful

Imagine there is a forest. In that forest there is a fish, owl, eagle, duck, rabbit and squirrel. They all decide they want to go to college and become smart. With the help of some older animals in the forest they come up with a school curriculum they believe will make them a well rounded animal.

The schooling includes: running, jumping, flying, tree climbing and swimming. On the first day of school the rabbit went to his “running” class. He really stood out in class. He said, “At school, I get to do what I am good at.”

The teacher said, “Rabbit, you have great talent for running, those leg muscles you have are amazing, with some more training you will get more out of every hop.”

The rabbit said, “I love school. I get to do what I like to do and get to lean to do it better, I will become an expert!”

In the jumping class, the rabbit got along just fine. He was actually a show off showcasing how he could bounce super high.

In the flying class he had a problem. So the teacher put him in the beginner’s class for flying. The rabbit had to practice jumping off a cliff. The teacher told him, “If you just worked hard enough you could be successful.”

His next class was swimming. The teacher said, “well you may not like it now but 5 years from now you will know it was a good thing for you. “ The rabbit wanted to drop the course and said, “I don't know of any rabbits that can swim.” The teacher said, “You can’t drop it. The drop and add period is over. Either you jump in or you will fail the course.” The rabbit jumped in and panicked! Almost drowning, going up and down having a hard time staying afloat. When he finally got out the water he was mad. When he got home he told his parents he didn’t like school and he was quitting. His parents said “If we rabbits are going to get ahead in the forest you have to graduate.”

The rabbit said, “I don’t want to graduate, school ain’t for me!”
His parents said, “You are going to gradate rather you like it or not.”

The next morning the rabbit went to school with a slow hop. While going to school he remembered a conversation he had with the principal who said he can talk to her any time he had a problem.

He went into the her office and said, “I don’t like school.” Principal said, “Tell me about it.”

The rabbit related what was going on. The principal said, “You don’t like school because of swimming, so since you are doing wonderful in running, I don’t think you need to work on running. What you need to work on is swimming it needs big improvement. I arrange it so you don’t have to go to running class anymore and you can have two periods for swimming.”

The rabbit heard her suggestion was irritated. He walked away frustrated and then a thought came in his mind, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a school where people are allowed to concentrate on what they do well? Rabbits do nothing but run, fish would swim, squirrels would climb, eagles can fly...of what a great place that would be.”

The moral of the story is to exploit your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
The lessons learned in this story applies to everything in life. Make a living at what you enjoy, by working with your strengths.
Try to find a job you love to do. The idea is to get paid doing something you love. By figuring out what you love to do as soon as you can will help give you direction. Once you have that information then organize your life around that. Something to think about having focus..."When you chase two rabbits at the same time they will both escape!"

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