Looking for work and want to be valuable?

Cordell Davenport


Consider the following questions to help you discover your own accomplishments:

Did you increase sales, reduce costs, save time or money at any of your jobs or improve anything with your sports team?

If you got a promotion at work, or were the team captain, why?

Have you found a problem hard to solve and came up with a solution?

What was something you created that was beneficial to you/others?

How have you consistently met deadlines for key reports?

Did I improve operations/ways things get done/other results?

Are there decisions or changes in which you had an active role in?

Did you receive any awards or letters of commendation?

How did you solve a problem or show leadership in a difficult, challenging or emergency situation?

What plans did I develop and/or implement to improve efficiency or increase the performance of a team or work group?

What did you do to make your job (or the jobs of your direct reports, coworkers) easier?

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