Tie, Hanky, and Dress Shirt Subscription

When dressed up and you make contact with someone do you want to have some overlook what you are wearing like you are driving a prius...or do you want to raise eyebrows and get compliments like you were driving a Ferrari?

Now you may say: 

I like picking out my own ties/shirts...that is fine, but so do I and I have an eye for fashion. I constantly get compliments when I get suited and booted. You can still pick them out meaning, if I send you a tie and you don't like it, I will send you another one, until "you pick the one you like the best for the month."

I like the conservative look...well sorry I cant help you Bro. I can't because I created Confident Gentlemen to basically mimic me. If I won't wear it, I won't sell it and I never wear anything basic. I always make an attempt to be different and stylish.

I already have a lot of ties.... So do I! But what I do, is when I get new ties, I sometimes swap out my older ties with the new ones. I give away my ties to people I know who could use them but can't because of financial problems. Not only that having a new tie and dress shirt totally changes what you can do in your suit

I like the opportunity but it is too expensive....do you know my wife and I were on a trip to Newport Beach, California. We went to Neiman Marcus. I was curious to see what their tie options looked like. Man, I saw an all solid black tie for…$295! Just black! No where near are my ties that high! Plus with me you get free shipping, and you don't have to waste gas to go to the store, or worse, take time walking around the store, spending time trying to get something appealing and then have to wait in line! Think of it like this...what I have is like room service :-)

Here to prove what I have is a bargain, here are screenshots I took from Nordstrom. Notice the designs and prices.

I can supply you amazing attire to make you look “smooth” (this just a sample).

Imagine having an important meeting, or meeting someone for the first time and you want to make a good impression, by looking good you will naturally glow with confidence. Just like you are what you eat, you are what you think. 

As men there is nothing like the feeling of getting a haircut, shaving, showering, and putting on a new outfit. We all been there, what you don't realize is these steps help generate confidence.

My subscription offer to take out the hassle and save you time offer:

Every month you will receive either: 1 amazing tie with matching hanky or 1 amazing tie with matching hanky along with a color coordinated shirt. Believe me, these are not some boring ties and dress shirts. The quality is supreme and not only that the designs will make a statement. Nothing basic over here buddy! All the products I pick encourage compliments. Shipping is free. If you don’t like the any of products I will replace them until you are satisfied. No charge to you, just send back what you don’t like and I will send you another tie style until you say, “Now that is what I am talking about!” You will never, ever receive solid color ties or solid color shirts. Seriously, you won't be disappointed in what I send you. Like I said if you are not happy, just send me back what you don’t like and I will replenish the selection. Even if you wear the shirt or tie and don’t like it, or you feel it really doesn’t get you compliments, just return it to me and I will take it as a loss and provide you with a product that you are pleased with.

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